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One of the things that Cadillac Truck Service specializes in is the repair, modification and refurbishment of asphalt-hauling trailers. We are an authorized repair center for trailers manufactured by Flow Boy, Inc. and have much experience with trailers manufactured by Red River, Inc. We stock replacement parts for both makes including chains, chain drive systems, belts, hydraulic drive motors and tarp systems and parts.

We have also done conversions in the Red Rivers from the flap style chain to the continuous belt and have done several upgrades to the chain oiling system and also the tarp hold down system.

We have designed a retrofit lifting/lockable tailgate for the Red River trailer that can be cab-controlled with only one circuit (see photos). This kit can be installed by us in one day or can be shipped to you for installation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about asphalt-hauling trailers.


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