Heavy Truck Services

Cadillac Truck Service, Inc. is a full service heavy duty truck and trailer repair facility and parts retailer located in Cadillac, Michigan.

One of our specialties is asphalt trailer work – repairing and replacing belts and chains.

We have two service vans as well as a mobile air conditioning unit to handle all your break-downs and emergencies. Just call us at 231.775.8555.

We also repair motor homes, buses and heavy equipment!

Services we provide include:

- General Repairs
- Welding
- Alignments (including buses & motor homes)
- Drive Shaft Repair
- Radiator/Cooling Work
- Air Conditioning Work
- Installation of Hitches & Snowplows
- Lift Axle Installation
- Frame Stretching & Shortening
- Fabricating & Truck Modification
- Contract Maintenance
- Computerized Engine Analysis
- Certified Engine Rebuilding
- Truck & Trailer Washes
- Asphalt Trailer Work